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About Hope

Livein Hope - A Campaign for the vulnerable road user childhood freedom - happy sustainable communities.

The driver high up in his cab did not see, hear nor feel the collision and kept on driving with Hope trapped beneath his lorry until passers-by jumped in from to alert the driver. Hope died trapped under the lorry despite desperate attempts to free her.

A terrible event like this is something no family should ever have to experience. Furthermore, such tragedies are totally avoidable if only the authorities would take the safety of vulnerable roads users more seriously and implement better safety measures.

This website is not only a tribute to Hope, but is intended to facilitate campaigning in a bid to make our roads safer for our children. The driver of the lorry which killed Hope had been texting on his mobile phone moments before this tragic event, but if a driver is caught texting at the wheel, it is only a small fine and endorsement on the license.

4 Deaths in 4 years are NOT "accidents".
All have involved large vehicles using unsuitable urban roads and are allowed to drive through city centres and right outside schools.These are not one off incidents but have occured because of system failures or inadequate safety measures. Steps can be taken to prevent similar fatalities in the future.

We need to campaign locally and nationally for:

  • Access restrictions on HGVs using unsuitable roads as shortcuts or at least at specific times of the day
  • Speed limits of 20mph on minor roads or those near schools (which can help detour HGVs using Sat-Navs)
  • Segregation to give safe space for cycling
  • Stricter punishment and heavier fines for those who drive while using mobile phones
  • And ultimately, strict liability to protect pedestrians and vulnerable road users

This site is very new, but we will soon be launching a comprehensive set of facilities including events, timelines, forums and video capability.

PLEASE, bookmark this site or subscribe by email at the top and come back regularly for updates and to support this campaign in Hope's memory so that Hope did not lose her life in vain.

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